Launch Plans, Collateral and Social Media

Eduplan Education Planning ServicesEduPoint

Drafted foldout brochure marketing new product services, highlighting core clients with testimonials, and providing a case study to support value proposition.  I also authored a white paper to partner with the brochure to provide more detail relating to features, return on investment, and technical integration.

wib launch event 10222018

Women In Bio

Drafted launch plan, member online application, social media messaging and campaigns for LinkedIn and Twitter, flyer for launch event, email to current database for members and non-member event attendees. In year 2, drafted and executed feedback surveys to drive strategic planning and expansion.

Results  Recruited 25+ life science professional women to open new programs which began with a peer group program with 5 groups at launch of 10-15 active participants each monthly in San Diego.  In year 2,  added two new subject interest groups; one for life science company founders/first time CEO’s, and another for Directors. Expanded the program from San Diego to Irvine and Los Angeles.


Tarbuton & Startup18

Developed strategic plan for outreach and marketing.  Drafted brochures, rack sheets, and flyers for all programs and events.  Completed all event planning growing number of annual events from 2 to 40+. Drafted monthly online newsletters. Wrote and managed social media messaging and campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Managed press releases proactively placing them in local and national press, trade journals, and organizational newsletters to build brand recognition. Read more

Results  Grew active participants in this nonprofit from ground zero to over 2000 households with 300-400 participating weekly or bi-monthly in programs in 4 different rented facilities throughout San Diego county.  Established partnerships with 40+ local and national organizations, foundations, and school districts.