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Women In Bio

Women opt into a specific peer group and meet only 10-15 of the 80+ participating in the MAPS program. They are curious about meeting content from other groups, interested in the homework and resources shared. They also want to know more about each other and be able to reach out to women working in companies on their target list, but they are reluctant to join Google or What’s App groups due to privacy concerns and time constraints.

I created a password protected intranet providing an archive of the email and/or newsletter communications from each peer group and a homework and resource bank. I added a searchable directory that maintains the privacy of our members but can be filtered by company or title. Members can identify women for informational interviews and networking but they must ask for an introduction to obtain personal contact information.


Tarbuton & Startup18

While the community has multiple directories for traditional organizational programs,  there was no home base for support for indie projects run by community members nor a directory to promote them.

The Startup18 web site was re-designed to reflect new strategies and highlight the services offered including a lab and fellowships for new project founders. However the goal was to build the site to promote both the indie projects and their founders.  The WordPress site leverages the project portfolio functionality in multiple ways to showcase founder profiles and provides a directory of programs for the community that can be filtered by category.


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