Product Playbook, Work Flows, Intranet

I help companies keep their employees informed. The communications I write keep employees aligned with mission, on top of product changes, aware of changes in teams, roles and responsibilities, and convey the impact of partnerships.  I am  skilled in print, web and social media and an experienced presenter.

cover medunite playbookMedUnite

As consultants exited, full time employees were hired, and an impending merger created an urgency for an accurate and comprehensive view of our go forward products. To avoid misinformation or confusion across technical, sales and management teams, I drafted a guide that was used by customer support teams as well.

Solution and ResultsProduct Playbook and Training  I drafted and trained employees using this product playbook that provided complete information on new, merged and sunset products, updated collateral, competition, sales training and procedures for closing deals and customer service escalation contacts.


With rapid growth and creation of a new division resulted our management team needed to outline and communicate clear roles and responsibilities.

Solution and Results – Work Flow and Contact Information  Presented to each operational team details on our newest product team. Included work flow diagrams reflecting stages of production, each resource team involved, and approval processes, charts reflecting reporting structure of employees and roles and responsibilities as well as points of collaboration across marketing, business development, engineering and customer support.

wib intranetWomen In Bio

Women opt into a specific peer group and meet only 10-15 of the 80+ participating in the MAPS program. They are curious about meeting content from other groups, interested in the homework and resources shared. They also want to know more about each other and be able to reach out to women working in companies on their target list, but they are reluctant to join Google or What’s App groups due to privacy concerns and time constraints.

Solution and Results – Intranet & Newsletter Updates I created a site with password protection that archives newsletter communications provided by each peer group leader, a homework and resource bank, and a searchable directory that can be filtered by company or title so members can identify good sources for informational interviews.




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