I wrote these columns as a free lance journalist. The columns profile technology startups and feature interviews with company CEO or CTO’s and a survey of the competition. Some of these startups fizzled, some like indeed.com, were sold for over $1 billion, and still others, like Pandora, are acquiring industry players themselves.

Searcher cover books and social

Social Networks: Another Avenue to New Books and Friends (Goodreads was acquired by Amazon for a speculated $150M)

Searcher cover 2

The New Search in Job Search. Interview with Paul Forster CEO of Indeed and Peter Weck CTO of Simply Hired (Indeed was acquired for $1.5 billion)

Searcher cover for Pandora

Pandora: Finding New Music When You Have No Time to Hit the Club. Interview with Tim Westergren Founder of Pandora (Pandora raised $480M from SiriusXM in 2017)

searcher cover

LibraryThing.com: The Holy Grail of Book Recommendation Engines. Interview with Founder Tim Spaulding (After LibraryThing acquired Abe Books, Amazon bought Abe Books and holds a stake in LibraryThing)

Searcher cover blogging
Local Information from a Blog Near You. Interview with Founders Outside.in Steven Johnson and John Geraci. (Outside.in was acquired by AOL)

searcher cover blogging tools

The Blogging Experience: Hosts, Add-On Content, and Monetizing. (WordPress.com which is reviewed is Open Source Software but parent Automattic could be acquired one day)

Searcher Magazine March 2006
What Would You Do If You Received a Cease & Desist Letter Letter? Interview With Wendy Seltzer of Chilling Effects. (Chilling Effects is a joint project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and law school clinics at Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, the University of San Francisco, and the University of Maine.)

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